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What is the CV19 passport?

Due to the protection concept for the hospitality industry under Covid-19, the entire catering and event industry has taken on a major challenge. Guest lists must be kept for events. These have to be made with validated information about the visitor to ensure traceability and the obligation to inform the cantonal contact tracing teams.
The Klixa CV19-Pass online portal solves exactly this problem safely and reliably. Visitors and guests can register easily and quickly, and only need to provide the data relevant to the organisers. The organizer can already inform his community in advance and ask his guests to create a free CV19-Pass. From now on the guest has to show his CV19-Pass when entering the location, which is read contactless by the operator. The visitor is now entered in the guest list with validated data.
The online platform supports all restaurants, bars, discos, clubs, associations, trade fairs, corporate events and markets in collecting and ensuring the correct contact data.

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Where are my data and what happens to them?

Your data is stored in the Klixa Cloud with 100% Swiss data location Your first name, last name, phone number and email address will only be disclosed to customers for whom you have registered on the guest list and only as a list to ensure Covid 19 tracking. Your entries in the organizers' guest lists will be automatically deleted after 30 days. Your profile will of course remain the same.

How do I delete my data / profile?

To delete my data, send an SMS with the content "DEL" to the CV19-Pass-Service (078 968 68 66). The system compares the sender's number with the validation list and immediately deactivates the desired profile. Your data will remain on the guest lists for the retention period of 30 days and will then be automatically deleted. Once a CV19 passport has been deleted, it cannot be reactivated. The user has to register again in order to receive a CV19-Pass again.

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